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10th Asian Regional Congress of CICIAMS


CNG News

Monthly Mass: 18th Floor Catholic Centre at 18:30

28/09, 19/10 and 16/11

Medical Sunday: 15/10


Post Conference News

1. Speakers' Presentations:

AuYeung Children Wanted Unwanted

Cardinal Health & family

Cardinal Speeach


Cheung Mediation. .Marital Sexual

Delai The family in the Community of the Beatitudes

Doris Yu Care for the Carer elderly

Joblin Responsibilities of Nurses

Lee The Path to a Healthy Life

Lee Promoting better health for children and adolescents

Martinson Asian Family & Childhood cancer

Simpson Family System Nursing.pdf

Wong Family Planning and Women's Health


2. Proceedings

2005 '9th CICIAMS conference in HK'


3. Photo Album

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Three Cultural Night

Day Four



















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